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Marie   San Pedro

 Posted: 09:30 am [PST] on September 30 2008


It is awful that Senior Citizens have to buy the cable box then worry how to connect the thing. GIVE US A BREAK



Ana   Trinidad

 Posted: 09:26 am [PST] on September 30 2008


Public Access Channels are the only ones not owned by big corporations. It is the only media format where the people actually mandate what is being fed to them. It is a platform for community organizing and expression. Without which, many would have little to no contact or context to what really goes on in marginalized communities which unfortunately are primarily of color. You will be doing a great disservice to youth and fledgling producers, who like myself would have never had the opportunity or the access to video equipment.



alan gorg   venice, california

 Posted: 08:47 am [PST] on September 30 2008


Public access provide the only TV not censored by companies or government. Stopping it is an attack on freedom of speech and the welfare of the public.



Jennifer Reed   San Fernando Valley

 Posted: 08:11 am [PST] on September 30 2008


THIS is definitely a LOSE-LOSE for the PEOPLE of Los Angeles. City Council is VIOLATING the spirit of PUBLIC ACCESS — you need to REDO this legislation and reinstate the public airwaves NOT controlled by the CITY. You took away something that belonged to THE PEOPLE. Shame on the legislators who thought that cable companies could just write a check and wash their hands of this responsibility. This isn’t a “revenue source” for CITY GOVERNMENT. This is a benefit for the PEOPLE who should have public access free from government control. Don’t SHUT DOWN MY public access stations.



Jack Kennedy   MA

 Posted: 09:06 am [PST] on September 29 2008


The situation in LA is a dark reminder that municipalities are as big an impediment to cable access TV as are the cable and phone companies.



RB   Wis

 Posted: 07:43 am [PST] on September 29 2008


You might want to tell the folks out there about YouTube. It’s the new way for the public to express themselves and not be limited to the boundaries of cable TV.


I produced programs for public access for nearly 3 years and got feedback from about 3 people; which is typical for producers. I was on the board for about 3 more years and heard occasionally from people complaining how awful public access was while others that didn’t watch it were praising the value of it. But then I went to YouTube, and Revver, and BlipTV, and several others to get lots and lots of feedback and actual reports showing people were watching. I like the feedback.


I think public access is great, but the times are a changing. I don’t produce for public access anymore. I don’t need it, and I didn’t watch the video above on public access – I watched it on this new thing called the Internet. That’s were television is migrating to, so I suggest checking out the migration route.



Moira Foxe   Redondo Beach

 Posted: 05:30 pm [PST] on September 28 2008


Public Access survival should be a priority for any public official!



Bob Boermeester   Massachusetts

 Posted: 10:27 am [PST] on September 28 2008


Remember who elected you! Stop trying to silence the public by eliminating public access television or we, the public, will silence you by voting you out of office. We can speak louder than you.






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