Alert-PEG Agenda item will not be heard tomorrow!


Alert- Tomorrows Public Access City Council

Agenda item rescheduled



Confrimation e-mail exchange between David Hernandez and Mr. Eduardo Hewitt of Councilmember Cardenas office. More to follow.





It is true. This item will be continued to next Tuesday, December 2, 2008. We wanted to ensure PEG Advocates enough time to comment before the council.



—–Original Message—–

From: “<>

To: <>

To: Eduardo Hewitt <>


Sent: 11/24/2008 10:41:28 AM

Subject: Tomorrows City Council meeting Agenda item #16


Good morning Mr. Hewit.


I was planning on attending tomorrows city council meeting to address item number 16 file number 06-2818 having to do with Public Access.


I have heard there was a possibility it will be rescheduled until after the holidays but have been unable to confirm this via the city clerk or legislative assistant. Can you please advise if it will go as scheduled or will it be moved to another day.


Thank You,


David Hernandez

818 448 3403




One Response to “Alert-PEG Agenda item will not be heard tomorrow!”

  1. AG Says:

    Citizen public access is community and neighborhood TV. The federal govt. mandated this public TV, rightfully years ago. This issue is being ‘sand-bagged’ by the LA govt officials who are trying to STOP citizen TV. I have been connected to public access since 80’s when things cost producer’s real money to producer a show. When things got better in the last decade, the quality of these shows got better with the digital medium and compouter editting.
    This issue should be wider publicized because it is just another restriction of community free speech, much like the new gestapo govt push to have the old ridiculously named ‘fairness doctrine’ re-insitutued on public radio. Let the people be heard and let public comment on these issues happen at the city’s committe hearings.
    **Why isn’t there any special TV notices on Channel 36 about these city’s and state’s citizen TV channel closure, the city’s cable TV channel or elsewhere in public newspapers and blogs?
    Try googling it and you get very little notice. This looks like a power play by the govt to remove citizen TV shows from the public airwaves. Activism is the only way to fight this draconian gestapo tactics. Get innformed and get active…they take this away..they will take more!

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