Attorney Generals Response

Below is the response we received from the Attorney Generals Office to our second request for help.


As requested, here is the statement from the California Attorney General’s Office:
“A law was enacted two years ago that shifted control of cable franchises from the counties/cities to the state.  A delayed provision in that law just went into effect on Jan. 1, 2009, and relieved the cable companies of any obligation to pay for, or maintain, studios or equipment for public access television.  Cities or counties may opt to pay for it, but LA has chosen not to because of its fiscal situation.  That left some public access shows unable to broadcast; some survived because they have their own studios.”
– Abraham Arredondo
  California Attorney General’s Office

Well that is not good enough! Will be posting our response later this morning.

Stay tuned.

One Response to “Attorney Generals Response”

  1. Acces producer Says:

    I completely agree with your fight. I think it’s must be kept clear there are two main issues.
    One: production facilities and
    Two: broadcasting channels.
    I think cable rate payers are still paying for BOTH and getting neither. So a rate REFUND is necessary Or we must have cable public access.

    I have already contacted the current PEG chanel bureau in Los Angeles to get my shows broadcasted there. They have imposed an anonymous review of all shows submitted. If your show passes their review (the criteria to pass is not public posted), it will be aired on LA35 at their disgression for time and date. Pretty bad. All shows submited will be Internet aired in the LA35 website, but that offer is just like free non-red-tape Internet sites like You TUbe. All shows must be submitted on DVD formal and NO show DVD will be returned. They are destroyed after airing.
    This is hardly open, transparent, and free use of the public’s airwaves by access producers!

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